Pilates and yoga

I have found that the way to a healthy mind and body begins with doing exercises that increase a persons strength and flexibility.  Two very effective types of exercise that help a person achieve this is Pilates and Yoga.


Pilates is a physical exercise technique, created by Joseph Pilates, that incorporates mind and body and also nurtures the spirit (Everette, 2003). The classical mat programme is very difficult for the general population so it usually best to join a beginner or intermediate class first.


Yoga is a way of life, developed thousands of years ago and is a way of educating the body, mind and spirit.  Only in recent times has it been associated with physical postures (Everette, 2003). There are many different styles of yoga  and it is important to find the type of yoga that works for you.  Your instructor should be able to advise you on this.

These two types of exercise will allow you to build a strong body and learn how to relax and calm the nervous system.  They will allow you to free your mind and give you time for self-reflection.  Whatever your reason for joining a pilates or yoga class, you will greatly benefit from joining one.  

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