Pre-and post-workouts - 2015-05-06

Warming up and cooling down exercises are very important to incorporate into your exercise routine.  The warm up is intended to prepare the body for the higher intensity workout to follow and has four beneficial effects: Smooth elevation of heart rate Gradually increase body temperature Increase muscle temperature and elasticity To... more

Bad posture while working at your desk - 2015-01-20

Many people spend more than 40 hours a week sitting at a desk working on a computer these days.  Bad postural habits cause irritation to many parts of the body, but especially the neck, back and shoulders.  Bad posture will also undo the benefits of the couple of hours of exercise performed a week, so a person should think about the way t... more

Pilates and yoga - 2014-10-16

I have found that the way to a healthy mind and body begins with doing exercises that increase a persons strength and flexibility.  Two very effective types of exercise that help a person achieve this is Pilates and Yoga. Pilates Pilates is a physical exercise technique, created by Joseph Pilates, that incorporates mind and body and also... more

Your workout log - 2013-07-02

Winter is not a good time for many of us to keep fit and maintain or loose weight.  If you want to get fit and loose the weight for summer, the best time is to start now! The best way to ensure you stick to your exercise programme is to keep track of your progress on paper.  There will be no escaping the truth when it is in black and w... more

Know your posture type - 2013-05-10

Lordotic Posture Type This posture type is seen in pregnant women and men with big bellies.  The abdominal muscles are lengthened and the lower back is tight, which places excessive stress on the lumbar discs.    If you have this posture type you will have weak gluteals, overactive hamstrings, short hip flexors and weak abdom... more

Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries - 2013-01-29

The RICE principle is used for a typical soft tissue injury. REST - Rest and elevation of the injured part will improve recovery time. ICE - Place a towel over the area to be iced and then place an ice pack over the area. COMPRESSION - Apply a bandage to the area, making sure that tension is sustained while applying the bandage. If numbness or d... more

Merry Fitness - 2012-12-06

MERRY FITNESS Worried that your exercise routine will unravel in the holidays? Here are some creative stay-active solutions to keep you moving into 2013. TRY SOMETHING NEW: You don’t need a gym to keep fit and strong, try new activities that will keep you active and allow you to enjoy your free time. Swimming, rollerblading or even roc... more

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